Sketches of Modern Greece in 1837 & 1838

Sketches of Modern Greece in 1837 & 1838 800 466 REVICTO

Anonymous. “Sketches of Modern Greece”.

A series of three articles, attributed to James Henry Skene, which attempt to provide the general reader with a broad view of the political, cultural, and financial state of modern Greece since its independence. The author, who resides in Athens and therefore imparts his first-hand impressions and observations, describes the customs and character of the Greeks bearing in mind their recent history and trials under the Ottoman rule. Furthermore, he reviews certain contemporary works on Greece by travellers and proceeds to clarify what he considers as misrepresentations.

‘Sketches of Modern Greece. Athens in 1837’, ‘Sketches of Modern Greece. No II. A Visit to a Village of Attica’ and ‘Sketches of Modern Greece. No. III. The Phanariotes.’ Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Vol. 43, Issues 270, 271 & 272. April, May & June 1838, pp. 468-488, 620-630 & 816-827.

Featured Image: James Skene. “Old Churches. Athens – 28 June 1838.” (The churches of Profitis Elias and of the Taxiarchs.)

Source: SKENE, James. Μνημεία και Τοπία της Ελλάδος 1838-1845 [Monuments and Landscapes in Greece], Athens, Ιστορική και Εθνολογική Εταιρεία της Ελλάδος [Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece], 1985.

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