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Kalamata in 1905 2000 1252 REVICTO

Kalamata in 1905

Kalamata is one of the pleasantest towns of the Peloponnesos. Situated in the rich Messenian plain, among orange groves which recall the golden fruit of the Hesperides, and banana plantations which are a proof of…

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the new Athens 1914 800 593 REVICTO

the new Athens 1914

Mr. Thomas H. Mawson, the landscape architect, who has just returned from Athens, after a further interview with the King and Queen of the Hellenes, the Prime Minister (M. Venizelos), and the Mayor of Athens…

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George Gissing and the smoking mill-chimneys at Piraeus [1889, 1895] 2560 1827 REVICTO

George Gissing and the smoking mill-chimneys at Piraeus [1889, 1895]

Langley roused himself from oppressive abstraction, and put into better words this common sense of mirage due to the air and light of Greece. He spoke deliberately, and as if his thoughts were still half…

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A Mountain Stronghold in Crete [1895] 1024 496 REVICTO

A Mountain Stronghold in Crete [1895]

On several occasions I have examined, from the deck of an ocean steamer, the rugged southern slope of the ” White Mountains,” which form the western rampart of the Island of Crete. The 27th chapter…

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Representations of Modern Greece
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